My First Blog Entry

This is my first blog entry. I was planing it to be about my hectic schedule this Friday but the class was suspended. Hence, I decided to write about my Taylor Swift-fascination.

The first song of Taylor that I ever had on my player was ”Teardrops on my Guitar”. It is about a guy named Drew who is the love interest of Taylor (then).This is how I understand the story she is trying to convey through the song’s lyrics.
Drew and Taylor are good friends, Taylor has a secret admiration towards Drew and he doesn’t seem to notice that fact. As a proof his insensitivity he even shares details about the ”girl” that he likes to Taylor. This, among many other things caused Taylor’s heartaches, however she chose not to make Drew notice that she is secretly loving her. She further told reasons why she considered Drew to be the sole reason of the teardrops on her guitar.
There, watch out for more of my interpretation of TSwift’s songs. In the near future, I will be sharing about my favorite Taylor song.

2 thoughts on “My First Blog Entry

  1. Oh. You like TS to? She’s awesome right? 🙂

    Great idea to put the MV on your blog so that those who don’t know the song will be acquainted, or even better, addicted to it. 😉

    Grammar wise, great job. 🙂 Let’s just watch the sometimes MIA punctuation marks like the comma. 🙂

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