Love Story

Hey y’all!

Today, I am writing about my experience while reading one of my favourite books. This book is entitled, Love Story by Erich Seagal.

The first time that I have read it was when I was in my sophomore year in high school. My dad brought it from his work. It was an old book. Old in the sense that its pages are brown and it already have this distinct smell of a good book (which I totally love). Having seen it out of his bag, I grabbed it and started browsing through its pages. It was still in tact with its front and back cover so I started reading reviews about it written at the back cover. It caught my attention and started reading the whole book.

I was surprised to see so many notes written in the book’s pages. It proved to me that indeed it was a book from a book sale. It made me really happy that it was a used book, for there were words that I really don’t understand back then, but thanks to the notes of the previous owner; I found it easier to understand.

I have loved the story from the moment that I found out that it was about a couple who have met in one of the most prestigious universities ever known: Harvard University. The nerd and hopeless romantic that I am back then thought that:

“How I wish I have a story like that, in Harvard.”

My fondness of the book even grew when the story came about the relationship of both Oliver and Jennifer to their fathers. It was a complete contrast of love and hate for their fathers, which I thought I can relate to in both ways. Oliver’s dad was like my dad, he wants me to be strict to myself and be successful. (I mean whose father doesn’t?) But at the same time he is like Jennifer’s father who gives so much love. 🙂 This gave me more interest to keep reading the book.

Oliver and Jennifer started to live together, while they were both studying. I thought that was really rebellious and even took some time to put the book down. But I just can’t help from finishing it. Whenever I had free time at school, even when there were classes, I had to read and read the book. So at last I came to the climax of the story. Jennifer had leukaemia. It looked like Oliver’s world fell apart and when it came to the end, when Jennifer died I felt the agony that Oliver did. It reminded me of my grandfather’s death a year before I started reading the book.

Two years after finishing that reading, I grabbed the book once again and it still gave me the same creeps and tears. The book is just amazing that it was even made into a movie. (I haven’t watched it though). But I don’t look forward to watching the movie for I know that some parts would still be omitted and it would only disappoint me.

So there! I hope my review would invite you to reading the book too. And if by chance you would like to borrow it, I would be more than willing to lend it.:D

‘Till my next post!

One thought on “Love Story

  1. What a great story. :O It’s somehow like ‘A Walk to Remember’. I will certainly be reading this book.

    It’s great to see that your blogs are getting longer without having to sacrifice it good grammar. 🙂

    You’re doing such a good job and I had such fun reading all your blogs. 🙂 ‘Till next time! 🙂

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