The Expedition

It was a gloomy day,
The sky was grey.
I am tired to death,
It was a wreck.

Then a burning star came,
And washed the pain away.
We had this class today.
The Vargas way.


I didn’t know how exactly I would start this post of mine, with the great fear of making it a narrative instead of what it is supposed to be: descriptive.

Walking down the hundred-four step of Palma hall, our sweat builds up, streaking down our face and our necks. Chit-chats from the class echoed in the halls as we went on. Questions flood from each excited individual; you could see groups of people discussing what they expect to see. Some shares that it’s their first time to come to a museum, an art museum. The stroll by the road in front of the Faculty center and the College of arts and letters seemed to go on forever. Then our much awaited building came. A zigzagging road path leads to a tall building: the Vargas Museum. Along the path, are images attached to a stick struck on the ground. On the left you could see a blurry boy-like image of a face and on your right is yet another blurry image now not of a boy but of a girl, it freaked me out at the first sight of it.  Nearest to the museum was an art work made of what looked like crumpled newspapers formed into letters and words then were then colored. Then, while on that path, on your far right, is a rock statue of a dinosaur’s feet.

One could notice that a café sits beside the museum. The warm atmosphere outside, was washed out by the air-conditioned structure. The reception team of the museum were three men that were in charge of taking our entrance fee and for the safe keeping of our things. They were giving out number labels to us and the other would be attached to our stuff. Our first stop was that on the wall of the lobby. It was drawn with a detailed picture of Rizal’s monument. There were other pictures of Rizal standing on his pedestal; this was in relationship to the celebration of the national hero’s 150th birthday. Our teacher then asked us to roam around and describe pictures that would catch our attention. My friend and I noticed this structure, a man-like image with wires wrapped around it. Its frame-work was made of wood and it stood tall in its place.

The staircase we went up on leads to a colder room with a bunch of paintings and what’s more interesting is the set of memorabilia arranged neatly and sturdily in a glass-case. It was filled with different things, from old telephones, dresses, rubber mats, toy, books and colourful magazines. Moving around, there were televisions showing a 360° view of different panoramas. Another glass-case was designed with men interacting with nature. The paintings were amazing, colourful and have depth. A whole hour was short-lived by the satisfaction that the paintings gave as. We slowly left the building, thinking of our own experiences. Overall it was an amazing expedition to a world of colors, art and meaning that led us to the realization of the art of describing.

There we go; I hope that I managed to take you to a new adventure through my description.

‘Till my next post!


7 thoughts on “The Expedition

  1. Hey. I thought we’re suppose to write a Descriptive composition, and not a Narrative composition?

    Wew, I guess you forgot about that.. I suggest you revise this ASAP. 🙂

    • Man, I’m so down right now. Bare with me on the confusion of a narrative and a descriptive composition. Any suggestion to make their difference clearer?

  2. Hi! I’m Sunny. I was assigned to comment on your blog. 🙂 I like how you put a couple of verses before getting on with your blog to introduce its idea. Style wise, I believe that this is a narrative-descriptive. It’s more like feature writing, which makes it kinda spicy and not boring. (Good job! :>)

    Anyway, going to the “correcting” part, I find your grammar good; tenses, adjectives, transition. Let’s just watch the ‘s’; such as ‘steps’ in the first sentence of the second paragraph. 🙂

    Keep on writing! I await to see more of your blogs.

    (P.S. This is the first blog of yours that I corrrected)

      • No prob! 🙂 I actually like the way you write. It’s like I’m reading from a picture book. It’s always inevitable to get kinda narrative when you start describing stuff ’cause basically you narrate the description of the object/s. 🙂 Aja! :3

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