Living in a World of Bubbles and Bubble Wraps

As a child, I used to play with bubbles; whether it be bubbles from my tub or bubbles from bubble-gums or the bubbles from liquid solutions that you blow to create several aerial spheres.

It’s always fascinating to see the rainbow-colored balls floating in the air. It’s also amazing how they take such forms. Likewise, I’m very much fond of playing with bubble wraps that keeps our newly purchased furniture, appliances and even toys safe from breaking. These among many other things made me feel like living in a perfect world. However, as time goes by; these bubbles will eventually disappear, and this made me realize that I have been living a life that will no longer be as beautiful as I used to see it; for like bubbles the beauty in life will soon take a “POP”.

That popping sound that made me feel alive.

I’ve always believed that I had everything I needed in my life. Like I know most of the things I need to know. But as time in my college life went on, I recalled that, I’m no better than what I thought I was. High school life was a whole lot easy than college, that’s no doubt. It may be hard, but I did survive and I never felt too burdened by the challenges I faced. However, college as its only started makes me feel a lot more difficulties. It makes me think that I might not be able to survive.

I was also a product of a family that nurtured me within a bubble wrap. As I was a fragile child, they gave me all the care that they could give, all the love I could ever ask for. They kept me away from harm and provided for all my needs. This have sort of made me a dependent individual who feels that there’s always a need for help. But again, I’m growing up now and college life has separated me from the family that served as my bubble wrap.

I view life before as a perfect and an easy life, a beautiful surrounding that is as colorful as a bubble. A life lived with no harm as if wrapped within a bubble wrap. Though this life is no longer as good as it is; not as easy as it used to be, this life now is a new world free from the fallacy that everything is EASY, that all things are beautiful. For in this reality, things have flaws, things are hard. As the bubbles that surrounded me pops out I begin to come to a clear view of this truth. And as I’ve popped all the bubbles wrapped around me, I made myself vulnerable to the pain life might give me. All this I believe are part of the plan that God has installed for me. And I will not be pessimistic about the hardships I might face for I know now that I’m in our reality, not in Bubble-land.

There, there.

‘Til my next post! 🙂


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