Friday the 13th. Oh wait it’s the 29th!

It’s always been an issue; well with me, if Fridays that fall on the 13th of the month causes grave misfortune to men. For there were times that my friends do experience bad luck during those days. Even I had some bad encounters during Friday the 13ths. One particular event that happened on a particular 13th of the month made me believe that when it falls on a Friday, it may bring bad fortuna.

This was last year, a time that I spent with my co-journalist and our adviser. We bought new stuff for our office for that school year. That day started weird enough for me to loose my earring ( I don’t usually loose things), and it was followed by a problem with the clothes that we ordered for the club-shirt. And then, it happened. What really made me feel that I was engulfed in misfortune was when a man sat next to me on a public utility vehicle. He had bad body-odor and that made me feel really sick! Since then, I sort of took extra care every time the the 13th falls on a Friday.

However, today is the 29th of July, Friday and all these bad luck from a Friday the 13th were out shined by my bad luck today.

First and foremost, I woke up a bit late than I expected and wasn’t able to eat ample amount of food. Then, we left the house also a bit later than we usually do, that caused me to panic a bit. I was very displeased because the sky seemed to be warning me of heavy rain anytime soon that morning. Few more minutes passed, it’s almost an hour from our home. We were very near U.P and then all of a sudden, a place which normally was free of traffic, became congested, we were stuck there for some 30 minutes and we were almost late. It was all because of a jeepney that stumbled and rolled over and blocked at least two lanes of Commonwealth Road. Getting past the car accident, we reached Philcoa and there, we got on to another jeepney ride to UP. The usually long line of passengers was then zero- literally; there were only three of us in the ride and it took some time till the ride was full. Right then, I felt really low that I’m going to be late for the first time for my seven o’clock class. Good thing, I wasn’t late. 🙂

The day went on, and it was well, “okay”. Then misfortune came back. I had to go back to CHK to get my reserved ticket for the UAAP game tomorrow. It was five in the afternoon. After successfully getting them I was not lucky enough to get a ride back to the Faculty Center where my brother was waiting, so I had to walk from the PE Gym to Abelardo Hall. Waited there for my brother’s text which never came. So I had to walk from well you know where to FC and found nothing but rain. My brother left and he was waiting for me in a terminal in Philcoa.

But the day doesn’t end here, as we were to go home, our ride had minor problems, that we had to be transferred from one PUJ to another.

I know this is a bit long and confusing, but that was what really happened and I must admit that I’m also confused with all these things happening in one day. Now I’m really tired and loosing focus (LOL- Real Leaf Tea commercial on the TV now), but yeah I’m tired of walking and unfocused with what should be done. All these now leads me to the question yet again, does the Friday the 13th bring bad luck and is it really just on 13ths? Well I do have an answer right now: NO and NO. It doesn’t bring bad luck, it just so happened that were not lucky that day and we can always be unlucky any day, so we might as well do our parts in keeping ourselves away from harm and trouble. Make good decisions and always stay calm and do not be too pessimistic about the things that are going on around you. For all you know, God has a plan for you and His plans are always the best. But right now, I would like to believe that Friday the 13th is moved to the 29th. ( So as to keep me reminded that even this event can change dates.)

‘Till my next post! 🙂

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