Asset = Liabilities + Capital

“Asset is equal to liabilities plus capital.”

That is one of the many quotable lessons that I’ve had in my accounting class last year. My teacher was a great mentor that despite of the boring hours of our class, we manage to enjoy and appreciate accounting. Mr. Jogares Yuson, our teacher in accounting and also the school’s disciplinarian, passed away last night from what seemed like a heart attack or a nightmare. A considerably big deficit to the assets of our alma mater and the entire society.

It was early this morning that I found out about the bad news. My mom got text messages from her batch-mates who were alumni of the same school I went in; Bagong Silang High School. It took me a minute to realize what my mom has just read, my mind probably did not want to hear and understand what it was. Bumping to the realization, I stood up from the chair I was sitting on and asked my mom if it was true, and it was. I read and re-read the message several times, it wasn’t a joke. It was real, a teacher in the school confirmed what has happened. I really could not believe it, a few weeks ago I have just seen him and said “Hi, Sir” during my visit to the school. It was even harder to believe because he did not seem to have any sickness during those times, he seemed strong and all of a sudden this came.

I was still in awe of the news. I got on line to check whether his relatives would confirm the news, and sadly they did. He died of a heart attack last night, it was just the morning after that his wife found out that he was dead.

It was a hard truth to handle,however we have to accept the fact that everything has its end. I may have been his end, but we must also be reminded that whatever has happened is God’s will; it is a part of His plan for our dear teacher.With this my classmates and I have been planning to visit his wake this weekend, to pay our mentor the respect and honour that he well deserve.

You were an ASSET of the school.
You’ve invested your time as CAPITAL,
So that we would not be LIABILITIES of the society.

Thank you Sir Yuson.
May you find peace in the kingdom of GOD.


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