Yesterday, I had a big blast of what I call “FUN”.

It was a hectic schedule, Fridays were always full of so many things to do. I had to brush up on my readings for my Soc Sci II class, afterwards I had to re-write my assignments for my Chem Lab. I also had to review for the D.G. for our Chem Lec. It was a good thing that I don’t have my P.E. class that day, I had enough time to finish everything I needed to do. I did “okay” with my classes that day and what’s even better was the fact that I had enough time to talk (actually text) to my best friend and managed to set a date with him. 🙂

It all started last Thursday evening. While I was making my assignments, he sent a group message about his week. Good thing I had load that time, so I replied to his text. He was kind of busy as I was that evening and he seemed tired. After about 30 minutes, he wasn’t replying to any of my texts, so I supposed that he has fallen asleep. I finished my assignments and decided to sleep as well.

The following morning; that’s Friday, he sent yet another text message saying that he was sorry for sleeping without notifying me. It was fine with me though, I mean I usually fall asleep unintentionally when I’m really tired.  He also asked for forgiveness for not being able to help me with some favors that I asked him to do. Again I understand his situation, he’s busy with his studies like myself and he can’t just let his studies go ashtray because he spent time to help me. He was eating his breakfast that time, while I was on a jeepney ride to U.P.

My classes started while he spent his time reading an accounting book. During my Chem Lab class, he sent me a message and asked me if I could help him decipher how to extract a file. I wasn’t able to reply to him immediately because I was having my class then, so, after my class, I replied to him and was able to help him figure his way out of the confusion. I told him that I would not be sending him any message for some time because I had to attend to my Chem lecture, but afterwards we sure did text  after my class. It went on for some four hours that evening. We talked about the game Smart Gilas, Team Pilipinas played with Japan that night. We were both enthusiastic about their win but were both disappointed with how  Japan tried to hurt Chris Tiu for several times. We also discussed some of his assignments and made fun of our names giving each other ridiculous tags. It was a long conversation with varied topics but still it was fun.

It has been the 240th day since I first saw that friend of mine. Yes, I haven’t known him that long, not even a year of friendship. However, it seemed as if I’ve known him forever. Now thinking about it, our friendship made me believe what A.J. (my classmate in Chem) told me about soul mates. That when one person dies, his soul will spit into two : a girl and a boy. But being soul mate does not mean that you were born for each other, it only means that you are a part of the other and the other a part of you. I hope that my best friend is my soul mate 🙂 and I’m looking forward to seeing him this coming Tuesday.

There, I hope that you guys did have an awesome week.

Enjoy the weekend and please comment on my blog posts. 🙂


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