Chemical Bonding

It has been months since I started my life here in UP. Being a Chemical Engineering student, I faced a lot of chemistry lessons and quizzes. This week we dug deeper into chemical bondings. This would not be technically about what chemical bonding is; I’m way to full of the technical terms that I think it appropriate to put it aside and relate chemical and bonding with my experience the past few days.


Having been involved in an investigatory project when I was in high school that involved making a glue out of boiled limbs of pig and sodium hydroxide (NaOH), I really found it interesting to be involved in experiments with chemicals. This is the main reason why I wanted to take up Chemical Engineering and now that I am intertwined with this course I have been encountering different chemicals that makes Chem a subject that I both hate and love. This week, these chemicals made themselves even more meaningful to me and to my fellow Chem 16 students. We had this unknown analysis; we had to identify ions that are present on our solutions and confirm if they really are there. It was nerve wracking at first. I can really feel my hands shaking as I was putting five drops of my test solution to the test tubes. As I put two trickles of barium nitrate to my solution, it formed white precipitate and then I took the second step to confirm which of the ions carbonate, sulphate and phosphate are present in my elixir. I did that by adding acetic acid to the solution that formed the white precipitate. Eventually, the precipitate dissolved, but I wasn’t able to observe the effervescence. So I supposed that what I had was phosphate. I took note of it and proceed with other tests. I tried the test combination with sodium hydroxide and did not get any precipitate. My instincts told me that it is ammonium therefore, I did the confirmatory test with the solution and sodium hydroxide mixed together in an evaporating dish. I placed a red litmus paper on a watch glass and covered the evaporating dish with it. The paper turned blue and confirmed that there really is ammonium in my test elixir. I was panicking, many of my classmates have got theirs but, they haven’t got them perfectly. I tried to test again with barium nitrate; this time, it did not form a precipitate. Then I did the test for iodine, bromine, thiocyanate and nitrate. I added two trickles of nitric acid, three drops of ferric chloride and five dewdrops of toluene and obtained a solution with two layers : pink and yellow; confirming that have iodine in the solution. The only problem I have then was to make sure if I really have phosphate and not carbonate; so I did the confirmatory test with magnesium chloride and got no precipitate implying that it was not phosphate but carbonate that I had. I did the elimination test once again and was able to observe the effervescence this time. I got all my ions correctly on my first trial, that said, I gain an extra five points for the activity. It was indeed an awesome activity.


What’s really awesome about this week was the fact that I had the best times with my best friends. Tuesday, was the day when I had my first Bio 1 long exam. It was great that I found it to be okay and I am confident that I would not fail that test. After the exam, the fun started and never seemed to end. I met up with two of my best friends. They were both male and were both good listeners whenever I had problems. They were always there when I needed them most. One of them is from UP and the other from FEU. Although he came from a different school he still came to see us and spent the rest of the day having fun with us. He wasn’t really used to the brisk and extensive walking here in UP, and he admitted that he was exhausted with the round trip we had. Despite it all, he said that he had fun even though we simply walked around campus and ate chips for our meryenda. The day ended, and he even sent me home. I thought that it was so good and gentleman of him to do that (not every man would do such a thing) and I definitely appreciated that. Our bonding activity made us grow together and kept our bonds even tighter. We have made more memories to remember and gave us more reasons to miss each other.

Now, chemical bonding doesn’t just remind me of my Chem Lab and Lec; it also reminds me of the chemical analysis we had and the bonding activity I spent with the best guys in my life. How I wish though that my other friends were also around to experience the same excitement and pleasure I had.

There, ’till my next post.
Have a great long weekend . 😀


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