Right Here Waiting

Do you know the feeling of waiting for someone for five long hours? The boredom that comes along with it, the strain on your legs, the anxiety of thinking that he might not be coming, the pain that you feel when you realize how late he is or how much you get to worry about what could have happened to him? All these feelings came across my body just yesterday, not because I was waiting for anyone extra special but because I had to wait for my brother (who is also studying in UP) to come to the Faculty Center.

It was a Friday, I have five classes every Friday. However, this week was different I only needed to attend three classes. My Math 17, PE and my Soc Sci II classes. This is all because our Chem lab and lectures were suspended for some unclear reasons. Therefore after my Soc Sci second long exam, that’s one in the afternoon, I had nothing else to do. My brother and I agreed that we’ll go home early that day, since his last class would end by four in the afternoon; I said to him that I’ll just wait for him. I went to the fourth floor of Palma Hall (AS) — why I chose that place I really don’t know. 🙂 I waited there, while I was reviewing and texting some of my friends, I accidentally caused myself a small injury. Then my friendAriane came. It reminded me of a quote about friends :

Friends are like blood. Though they are not always visible but they always come out every time you’re wounded.

I actually thought it was of perfect timing that she came when I had the wound. It made me laugh a bit. She stayed with me for about half an hour so I still had a few more hours to wait. Four o’clock came, I decided to go down the building and wait along the FC shed. Minutes and minutes passed yet my brother wasn’t around; to my surprise my other friend Emman who celebrated his birthday the day before, came. He and I talked and made fun of the events that presented themselves in front of us. We laughed our hearts out when we pretended that we we’re being interviewed by the reporters around campus. We even dubbed a conversation for the taxi driver and jeepney operator who were arguing far from us. It was really an experience that nearly made me forget that I was waiting for my brother but then he had to leave and I remained there, waiting alone.

About an hour later, my brother came. I knew I was wearing a frown in my face that time. He explained that he totally forgot that I didn’t have classes until five thirty. After all the waiting my body was in full blown pain so we decided to leave immediately. It was a good thing that it wasn’t one of those days where the roads were clogged by motorists and cars. We got home safely and we devoured our meal Patatim.

There, I’m sure that I’ll be right here waiting for more experiences to tell you guys. Thank you for reading. 🙂

Enjoy the long weekend!


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