GC – Grade Conscious

That’s me about six months ago. The geeky girl at the corner of the room whose life revolved around her academic undertakings more than her social life. One of the very few students from our public high school who went to school with a back-pack full of books, notebooks, papers and other things that may be related to schooling. Back then, I was really a “school-girl” — a girl who is almost always staying late at school doing acad works. The school was really my second home then. However, things change and people do too. I’m part of a drastically changing environment that I am forced to change myself.

My journey in the tertiary level has just started and I know that I am yet to face new things in the coming days. This chapter of my academic life brought me to a new image of myself. Today, I am not the nerd that murmurs things to herself, nor am I someone who carries bulky old books. I now walk around campus with just a single bag hanging on my shoulder, I now have time to rest, I go home early and I don’t stay in school for the wee hours of the day. I study just enough and get good enough grades ( or not? ). I’m more carefree, relaxed. I’m enthusiastic even though I’m getting lower grades than my classmates from other schools. I’m contented getting a line-of-eight; when back then I would cry over an 88. I’m not foolishly bombarding my self with the pressure of aiming or a ceiling-high grade. I guess the fact the I am studying in The University suppressed that grade-conscious monster within me. If before my end aim was excelling, today I only want to do well. Although I find this situation comfortable, there is still some part of me that wants to bring out everything I’ve got. However, I know that I start pushing my self so hard; I might end up hating what I do. So as for the moment, I’m going to stick to the status quo.

‘Till my next post!



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