Half unfilled

Bucket List

It is no doubt that we will all succumb to death, for our lives are truly just lent to us by our creator. We are never sure when, where or how we are going to die. Most people say that life is too short to hold back and avoiding things that come our ways is like deferring opportunities that would only come once in our lifetime. However our mind is set to do what needs to be done; those things that are of necessity and more importantly we only do things that are safe. We may not admit it, but we really are afraid of getting hurt and dying. If we are to think of the possibility that we will die young, we would be more open about the idea that we should at least be able to do crazy things; those things that we want to do the most; or dream to do before the time we “kick the bucket”.

At my age, you might be thinking that I have a lot of dreams to fulfil before I die, that is true. To list them down, let’s start with the simpler more attainable ones. Material things, we all want to own things that we currently don’t. Those material desires that I wish to have includes the series of Harry Potter—both the book and the movie. Yes, I am a fan of the sequel, yet I don’t have the financial capabilities to buy them right now. I was able to read the entire series through borrowing books from my friends and since the movie hasn’t got its DVD copies, I am to wait for it to come out.

Among other things that I wish to own is a house of my own, just big enough to accommodate all my needs and if possible my family’s as well. I would also want to own a car, not very luxurious but is not old fashioned either; all it needs to be is functional and I’d be happy with that.
I can only achieve these dreams if I am able to finish my college. That is the end aim of my UP life, graduating and finding a modest job to support me, my family and our needs. The engineering course I am in is seriously hard, and from what I’ve heard, it would only get harder, that is why I would really do everything to graduate before I die for once I’ve graduated I’d be more free and I would be able to do more things. I would not only have the means to buy all the material things I want but I can also spend more time with my family and friends. That said I really wish to travel around the world and experience different cuisines, amenities and the culture that each country has to offer. More importantly I wish to go to three places. First, I wish to go to the Hogwarts castle. It may sound weird and it is, but I really dream to do that even once before the time for me comes. Second, I wish to got to Persia (Iran); not because it’s a country where I can find work, but because I want to find the place where Alexander the Great met Roxanna. I want to find out how they met and how they fell in love with each other. I find it important that I trace those things where they started for they are not entirely written in books; also because I think it’s more exciting being there myself. The third and last place is that in the world of forms. That place where I will be able to know my self better.

In relation to my world of forms, I wish to have my chromosomes karyotype. It would sort of gives me the sense of full comprehension of who I am. Being able to understanding what caused this appearance of mine and also I would be able to find out if I have these disorders that I might pass on to my children and grandchildren. I do not want that to happen so if I can prevent them from catching it, I would before I die.

There are a bunch of other things that I wish to do before I leave this haven God has created for us, however if I list them all it would take a lifetime for I believe that we continue to have changing desires as we grow older. If change is the only thing constant in this world, death is the only thing that will surely come to us. So for now, as I am not sure when I would go, I would just continue my pursuits and enjoy the journey I am currently taking, this is my half-filled bucket.


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