The Price I Had to Pay

It’s been a while since I last visited my blog. I have suffered from the dreaded flu virus.

It all started Wednesday evening, I was in the Engineering building for a candle lighting activity for Kuya Bryan Diano who passed away that Sunday. I knew something was wrong then. I had this freaking headache and my stomach was lurching. I went home, almost determined to ignore whatever I was feeling, I ate my dinner like nothing is making me feel heavy. Then, my mother approached me, felt my forehead and immediately told me to rest. I guess mothers do know a lot. I did not do any of my assignments that evening and decided to go to school despite being sick. The same thing went for Friday. Saturday I was asked to rest stayed far from the computer and only got a hold of it when UP won in the CDC. I thought I was getting better, but Sunday morning came, I was averaging 38 Celsius. I had to sacrifice yet another day of rest.

Today is Monday. I haven’t got the chance to review for my quizzes and exams this week, I wasn’t able to blog on time, I am bit sluggish, easily loosing balance and most of all worried that I might not get enough time to review on my learnings and be able to apply them. These among many other things are prices I had to pay for being sick.

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