The goal this week was to write our own idioms. I would be straight out tonight, I can’t face the computer so much. Lets start the ball rolling.

No destination means no time to waste and no time for love.

– I have been very much attached to the song No Destination by Didi Benami. Its first few lines seriously struck me because I really have felt that I have been struggling in my life lately. It treats life as a game and the person singing — Didi in this case, is caught up that she barely has time for anything other than conquering life. I must admit that this point in the song makes me buy it a lot, I feel the same way. I’ve even included “No Destination” in most of my group messages for I believe that its context — no time for love, no time for pain, no time for anything; suits me very well.

“I’m in no destination, I have more important things to do.”

Colorful Squeezegood old memories

– My friends love colorful things and we really love each other and every time we share. That’s why most of the time that we are together, we try to make colorful memories. We’ve been trying to squeeze into our busy schedules in college times to bond with each other and we usually get those precious instances and never fail to make those colorful-squeezed-in-memories.

” We would always make room for these colorful squeezes.”

Moonstruck happy and lucky

-I have been in love with the moon for forever most especially during full moons. I even go out of our house every full moon to catch a glimpse of it more so, I take photos of it even late at night. It sort of brings me joy and most of the times, luck. 🙂 Full moons tend to give me a boost with happiness and luck, I just wished I’m always moon-strucked.

“She was known for being moonstruck, always moonstruck.”

Quilled ready

-I’ve been quilling for some years now and I’ve always had a great time quilling. Quilled may be a term for artworks that have been produced through quilling. It can also be termed as a verb, past tense for quill but to me, quilled means all wrapped up and ready, This is because quilling requires a lot of wrapping, twisting paper on needles and tools and preparations before you can call an artwork “quilled” and when you do, you’re sure that the paper filligree is truly “READY”.

“I’m quilled for the exam tomorrow, how about you?”

Guardian Angelsomething to make you smile

– I know that guardian angels were meant to give us protection and divine intervention stuff, but hey! We were told to make idioms and to me guardian angels are anything that makes you happy. It could be something or someone, so long as it makes the same impression over time.

“The UP PEP won, it was a guardian angel!”

1,2,3,4I love you

– You might have heard this on the radio or somewhere else and yeah here I’m writing 1234 for I love you. It’s simple to say that this makes saying I love you easier and simpler, less anxious and even more cool, only thing is, if the other party does not get what you mean.

“And finally, they hit it with 1234 and an 1234 too.”

To write songs aboutto think of someone or something unconsciously

– It has always been a thing for song writers. They take this topic and write about it. Same thing goes for this, to write songs about means to think of that thing unwillingly but you just do.

“I wonder why I can’t help myself to write songs about you.”

Ran out of jokesextremely sad; problematic

– I’ve got a very nice friend and he’s always the one I could turn to when I’m sad. He had a very long list of jokes to make laugh and smile. He lifts most of my burdens away and one sign that I take account of to see if he’s also happy or if he is sad is the fact that he never stops joking. When he does ran out of jokes then there’s really something wrong.

“That’s not a good idea, now he has ran out of jokes.”

A streak of highlights a number of success

– Having been through an astounding back-to-back win for the UP PEP Squad and Shamcey’s victory for the country and the University, I really am inspired whenever I see them in TV or around campus. The UP PEP with their bleached blonde hair and Shamcey’s intoxicating smile, simply reminds me of the success UP had this week. They put color to much of their hair but unlike them I can only account for a few highlights for my self, like my successful recovery from a flu.

“Not only did they put a feather on their cap, they even induced a streak of highlight to our univesity life.”

Rewritten someone’s lifeinfluenced someone deeply

– People come into our lives and in one way or another, they tend to influence our personal beings. I am a journalist and being one, I chose to use “rewritten” in my idiom. It is because I used to be a copy-editor and as an editor, I have rewritten a bunch of articles. Just as much as I have done that, people whom I have met in the publication influenced and rewritten my life.

“My best friend has rewritten my life.”


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