The Taxonomy of PH 440

It was in a journey from the Pacific Ocean that I’ve decided to travel east; in hopes of seeing new species of creatures far different from those found in the Ring of Fire. As soon as I got my papers ready, I made an expedition to an island called YAS-a-bhesti, known for the creatures which seemed to be unafraid of strangers to their kind. I was hoping to be able to classify the creatures there. The taxonomist and adventurer in me was up for the new experience and immediately set up for the journey.

The plane launched; it was a fine day when we left the country. As we moved east, the weather slowly changed. The once blue clouds turned grey and everything else went dark. I heard thunder rumbling like it was following our ride. Lightning came one after another, it was scary and all I could do was pray. I approached my pilot in his cabin. He said it was a storm that we were facing and we needed to land as soon as we can before we get eaten up by the strength of the storm. I couldn’t disagree it was a matter of life and death of course. He told me to return to my seat and fasten my seatbelt. He did what was needed to be done. He maneuvered the plane, after less than half an hour, I felt more stable on my chair. A soft thud hit my back, a minute later and the captain went out of his cabin and told me we were safe. We went out of the plane; we were on a deserted island. He said it was an unchartered island recently discovered by explorer Joscar Malacaman. It was 50 miles away from our true destination, it was known by the name PH 440. What caught my interest was the mystery in the fact that there was no sign of a nearing storm in the island.

There were a few inhabitants on the island, all of which seemed unique in their own way. They seemed civilized individuals. I asked my pilot if he knew anything about the place and these creatures and as I have expected it, he said no. It was a newly discovered island and there were only a few signs of exploration, surely, these creatures would have less than a tenth percent chance of already being classified. It occurred to me that since we were already there, I might as well grab the opportunity to group these individuals according to their kind then after, head onto my true dream destination.

I went on with the observation of their behaviour and started to interact with them. They were all about the same age and have existed in the island almost in the same time. They all fall in the family Colehelium phylum freshumantum. However, they branch of to two sub phylum Quietaris lessalitaris and Loudosus ingaynensus. There was no sign of isolation between the two groups. They interact with each other though it was clear that they were complete opposite of one another. The former were those who choose quiet time more often than speaking. They seem introverts at first but as they go about the dialogues with Loudosus, they seem to neutralize each other. There were of course instances where Quietaris are over powered by the latter but that is inevitable for it is in their nature.

It was a good sign that the neutralization of their personalities was present within their habitat. It allowed them to develop an understanding of the arts and sciences. Those who were fond of the arts were to be known as Siningsintesense who were acquainted in different arts. Adoratascientia were those who valued science from various fields. Because of the continuous interactions between selected individuals within the Loudosus and Quietaris, they developed affection for both the arts and sciences but on varied extents. Artists, as they understand the importance of beauty through arts and scientists understands the value of knowledge have both developed a balanced desire for wit and face. Half of the population in the island viewed that it is important to seek the physical attributes of men in the process of getting to know a person. These individuals; Physiqueimportantia does not devalue intellect; they simply have this certain priority to the appearance of their fellow individual. The other half; Withumanensis finds mental attributes more attractive and interesting. They both show appreciation to both qualities though it is still evident that they give more importance to one. In the course of my observation, individuals falling under Physiqueimportantia showed their preference from the way they dress and the way they carry themselves. On the other hand, Withumanensis individuals proved their intellect in most of my interactions with them. These characteristics gave enough reason for me to pt them on the group they are now noted to be on.

As the time for me to leave the island came, that is six months after I have arrived to PH 440; it became clear to me that these creatures though all different and unique share one common interest and calling. It was the fact that they value each and every one’s existence. They may not have interacted that much and not always, in the once or twice chance that they did, they valued their dialogue the lessons they’ve learned from each other and the mere fact that they met each other. I have learned a lot from this experience, a new adventure that came to me in an unexpected time. It may have been a short time for me to fully classify these creatures but what I’ve seen was enough to put them on my book of unforgettable beings that deserves name and fame of their own.

Till another expedition PH 440!

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