Tall, dark and Superman,
He puts papers in his briefcase and drives away
To save the world or go to work.
It’s the same thing to me.

    I can’t stand to fly.
    I’m not that naïve.
    I’m just out to find,
    A better part of me.

Two different songs that share a common title; sung by two different artists coming from different genres. What makes these songs so appealing is the fact that it reminds me of some things that really matters to me. The people and the memory that comes along with each song is a nostalgic moment that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

This is my final blog post that is “required” in some way, I really do enjoy writing and that said I will truly be keeping this account. The last week of the first semester of my freshie life was intoxicating. So many things have happened that took me on a high.

Monday was scheduled for my third long exam for Chem 16, the exam was brute; it was harder that the first two. Even those classmates of mine who excelled in Chemistry found it difficult to deal with. The exam went b y like it was just a breeze of cold air. Afterwards, I headed to my make-up class for Soc Sci II. We had to finish discussing our lessons as the semester is about to end. Right after the make-up class which was truly a blast (fun in every sense, and a true learning experience); I headed home for I still had an exam to face days after. I was all alone, it rained when I was on my way home and it was a good thing that it did not pour when I was on my journey home. As I arrived home, I headed to the kitchen and ate my lunch and studied for the exam.

Tuesday, I have planned to see a friend of mine, turns out that he’s busy so I just headed straight home after my classes. He was supposed to teach me how to spin tops but plans changed. The following morning, Wednesday, nothing really special except the fact that we were about to get our exam results from Monday but before that, as we wait outside PH 1100, my classmates and I played Jackstone, (very childish indeed) and figured out that we were among those people whom you can call “ those who had no childhood”. The day ended, I got my results and head straight home.

Thursday, our last meeting for the English class; it was kind of hard to imagine that we’re parting out ways but we really are. That moment, I remembered what Sir Joscar said that “In our life’s history, there are no page requirements” simply because I was thinking how long we’ve been together in that class, and realized that no matter how long or short the time we shared together, it would always be a part of ourselves. After the picture taking for the class, I moved like the Flash for I was late for my exam in Bio. My professor was a little mad at me being late but it was okay. I answered the exam with a smile on my face although it was hard, I really enjoyed answering it.

The last day of the week was that really made me smile. Friday started out with Math exam; and Math passed by without any words of wisdom from our professor. My friend Rachelle and I moved out of Math building thinking of what would lay ahead of us that day (I was personally thinking of my final exam for the day). It was around eight in the morning and I journeyed straight to CHK for my PE class at ten. It would be our last class and we did make it very memorable. The game “Marcos-Marcos” really sent sweat in our bodies and pulled almost every muscle in our bodies. I almost hyperventilated because of the excessive running and pulling that were involved in the game. However, even though we got really tired it was one of those games that would make me smile and say, I LOVE PHILGAMES. We played several other games and I ran to my class in AS.

The last exam for the day, Soc Sci II, one of my favourite classes in my freshman year ended the semester with a mind busting long exam. It was just hard to imagine that it was the last for that class, I wish we hard more and I’m going to miss all my friends and classmates in that class also Sir Go. 😀

Finally, my last adventure for the week was our Lab class’s Sem-ender at Shakey’s Katipunan. I went there with Al, RJ and Glenny in a taxi ride. When we arrived at the venue, almost everyone else were there eating and smiling at us. I felt a certain chill, probably from the warmth of their smiles. We ate, talked about stuff and most importantly took bunch of pictures of each other. I never thought that we would ever be like that. Never thought I’d miss them until that time. It was heartbreaking in some way, but it’s inevitable, so we might as well enjoy the moment. We parted our ways in hopes that we would still see each other around campus. And yet again after a day of adventure, I head home with a friend.

The entire week was tiring and stressful but it was fun and memorable. All the things I did this week proved to me that I’m that Superman in one of those songs. That Superman who wishes to do things that other people- who believes I’m strong and capable, would never imagine me doing. I have also learned to miss that person from the first song written above, that Superman who have been my inspiration throughout the week. That someone, who kept trying to make me laugh even in times when I refuse to smile, that friend of mine who I long to see soon. All these are treasures I will surely keep in my heart. No matter where I go and no matter what I do, I’m sure that I would always go back to these memories of the Supermans that came into my life.

Thank you guys for this semester, I will miss every moment with you. God bless us all and good luck for our final exams. 🙂

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