When I’m here; I’m writing. When I’m not I’m reading

Wow, look at me now, I’ve finished a year of tears and sorrows. I’m starting to write in this blog yet again. I missed writing here, but I had other facets anyways so it’s really not like I’ve not been writing.

When I’m in front of my computer a few months ago, I’d probably be lurking in facebook, waiting for someone to chat me up. However things have changed drastically since that person treated me like a complete stranger. Guess that love cycle wasn’t right afterall.

Now, now.

I’m here in front of my computer. I want to have my own computer now so that I could just write anytime I want. But hey, I dont have a computer yet. So while I’m here, I’ll just write. And Again if I ain’t here, I’m just busy reading stuff that makes me cry.

Some things are inspiring me to write.

I’m working on this story and well, it’s gaga and I know, no ones reading this blog, well I don’t care. It’s (this blog) going to be one of the few things I could show what I truly feel.

Oh well. I hope I find the courage to continue writing this story and stop lurking in my own SHADOWS.


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