Back to the Future

This is an article about me looking back to my own future.

Once there, it would feel a whole lot different.

That is what a woman would realize after she reaches points in her life that didn’t turn out to be what she imagined it to be. This woman is now 32 years old. She has grown about an inch since she turned 27. That was the peek of her mid-twenties, she was able to earn her first million in a deal with a franchise business that she so adored and still has until this very day. That was also a time that her career in Engineering fully flourished after finishing her masters degree in the University. She was able to move to a new place, her own house; and was able to buy herself a new car, functional yet very fashionable as she is.

It was a period where her life seemed to go okay. In such a way that she gets to do much of what she likes. She was able to bring the entire family; with the aid of her two brothers to Hongkong. And there they brought their parents and their grandmother to Disneyland; as if they returned back to their childhood; all six of them. She recalls that they had the time of their lives back then playing in the park’s amenities and enjoying the cuisines new to their Asian palettes.

If they had their ups, surely they had low points. She herself suffered her share during that year. One was when she had to face the fact that death, takes toll on every being man, animals and plants. This girl who loved pets most especially dogs, lost her ten-year best friend, the dog who safeguarded their house for the decade. It made her cry rivers of tears but she couldn’t do a thing, that’s the concept of life. An end shall bring forth a new beginning and it did so, for her. She found a new fascination to animals, not with just dogs but with cats and dogs. Not only did she suffer emotional pain, she also underwent physical trauma, rather a gastronomic one. Her allergic reaction to chicken grew worse even worse than what she usually suffered from; this event came about just two years after she was able to lay hands on chicken meat once again, and now, she has once more crossed-out chicken on her diet.

This point in her life seemed so easy, as if everything would come and go so quickly and eventually it’s in the past. But now that she’s five years older than the vulnerable and free-spirited self, she sees her own life as some time in her life where she has to do everything alone, even more lone than the usual. She doesn’t get to enjoy her Mom’s home-cooked meals; those times spent hanging around with friends. Now her life is filled with pressure and accounting for things she never thought she’d even own, as if she’s in a money war thinking where to invest this and that amount. She never thought that five years would make such a difference in her life; and even made her wish that she was this young and never that old. However growth is inevitable and so is change.

This is a girl going back to her future, wishing for a simple life.


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