Strange, Stranger, Strangers…

There are few things in our lifetime that we’d see as strange.

Yung tipong, bakit nangyari yun? Pwede ba yun? Weeh di nga?

But there are some things that are stranger than most because we tend to set this but fail to comply. Its strange that we say that we should not talk to strangers, but we do that deed every single day.

Si manong driver kinakausap mo pag magbabayad ka sa jeep.
Yung katabi mo kakausapin mo sa twing mag-aabot ka ng barya.
May taong lalapit sayo at magtatanong ng direksyon ay kakausapin mo sya.

We talk to strangers… and its weird to say that you don’t talk to strangers.

Am I making a point here?

Put simply, strange things happen in life, just like this post of mine. Why talk about not talking to strangers? These events are unpredictable and just pop out into our lives. But what’s stranger is the fact that we don’t see it.

Strangers come and go into our lives. They’re shooting stars that will only pass once in the face of the moon.

You call me a stranger and so are you to me, but then again when you talk to someone, are you still strangers?


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