It’s uplifting to know that in one way or the other you inspire someone. I mean, its not everyday that you get to inspire someone just by your mere presence.

Pero nakakainis yung mga taong may assumption na pag inspired ka; may lovelife ka na or may addition sa crushlife mo.

I’m not even talking about myself right now. Pero it’s really starting to piss me off, because most of the people I know claim to be inspired by someone. And I being a person in their inner circle know that they are inspired to study. Yes because of someone but not in a romantic way.

Why can’t people understand or realize that…

Is it so hard to bear in mind that an INSPIRATION is someone/something you look up to or that force that pushes you further, to do good?

Ako I must say I’m inspired but then again just to reiterate; I’m inspired but not romantically.

Just the fact that TOKI passes to IC and PHYS inspires me na, what more if you find people that would swing you back up when you’re down?

Owell, to sum this all up, be inspired, yes, surely your special someone can be an inspiration to you. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it applies to everyone else.

Tama nang issues, I know may naiinis na sa ganitong shiz.


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