Sitting around the corner…

There are times, that you sit a some place and see awkward things.

Hep, awkward lang =)

Any, just today, I was sitting at some place, of course. But I’ll recall an event that is rather awkward.

Ang eksena sa jeep.

May isang lalaking sumakay sa jeep at nagkataon napatabi sa akin. Siksikan hello? Jeep yan. Anyways, what’s awkward?

Well the guy’s handsome and when I say handsome, trust me he is. And he’s a student so he’s not scary looking and all. Okay enough said about him, what I found really eerie was the fact that girls tend to look at him every now and then. I notice it ofcourse, katabi ko nga yung guy.. If looks could kill, I would have dropped dead in that jeepney ride.

It’s just funny that nowadays… Girls fancy the physique more. Or maybe it’s just me who notices this?

I mean, girls would always weigh between two suitors right? And more often than not, the one who wins is rather more presentable than the other.

Is it really the appropriate basis of decision making in this so called love?

I leave it to you. I don’t have an answer my self…



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