Second Chances

  • I have always believed that everyone deserves a second chance.
  • When you fail in a subject, you can always have a go on it and give it your best shot.

    Pero dahil sa isang pangyayari, nawalan ako ng tiwala sa’yo. I thought of this very hard. I didn’t jump to hating you kaagad. It took me more than 5 months to finally talk to you, and decide whether or not to give you a second chance. Thinking that when this time comes, you’ll do your best not to commit the same mistakes again. Try to give your best shot to making this friendship work..

    But then just when I’ve decided to give you that opportunity, you simply threw it out of the window and brought shattered glass through my humble abode.

    But then again all you did was say “Sorry”… I’ve said it before, wala namang magagawa ang mag-sorry, lalo na in your case, dahil the more you say sorry, the more I forgive you and the more you commit that mistake..

    It pains me more now, sana pala hindi ko na lang yun binigay… Para hindi double kill… Sayang..

    Now I’ve finally realized that when it comes to you, I really make the wrong choices.

    I was wrong, sorry to say this, but one is enough and two is too much…



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