Waiting in Vain..

Thank God it’s Friday!!

I’d usually hear this when Friday comes.. But yesterday was one of the most unforgettable and not-so-worth-thanking-Friday I’ve ever had.

6pm last night, a friend and I decided to go home after a gruesome experience with a few people.. Her tears broke my heart. When we did got out of the campus, the rain was still bashing our umbrellas and with little notice, heavy traffic was in our way.

There were no available jeepneys for us to be able to go home.. Not even buses.. For the first ride for us to get moving, we had to wait more than an hour…

Only to fit ourselves in a sardines-like-bus.

For a moment I thought we’d get along quite okay. But I was wrong.. The cars were again jammed along Commonwealth avenue.. They say it was flooded. It took more than 30 minutes for us to move.. And when I say move I mean that we moved slowly, little by little..

We got to SMF at around 9 in the evening.. And with no luck, there was still a scarcity for jeepney rides home..

An hour or more passed and it was 10, I was there… Still waiting for a ride home.. But to no avail, there wasn’t any..

I wanted to cry.. I was hungry.. I was sick.. I was so tired from the days work.. I was waiting in vain..

10:30 evening.. an alternative ride came luckily that jeep was empty.. I was able to go home.. after 5 hours of waiting..

I thought I’d never have a worse situation than getting pinned by an MRT door.. but Hey, waiting for 5 hours just to get home is something not worth thanking for…

And if crying in public wasn’t a shame… I’m sure I would have shed those effin’ tears that time…



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