New Found Love

12apptorsI’ve always wanted to watch the sun set with the people I love the most. How I’d hold their hand as Mr. Sun bid good bye and welcome the Moon in the sky.

I stand along the shoreline of Batangas and together with my new family watched the sun set. It was one of the few moments in life that I’ll never forget. To my new family, friends and orgmates, KEM; I was oblivious of what I was putting myself into when I first came in our domicile. I wasn’t even sure if I could manage applying for an org this semester. I was spending every time of the application process not knowing what should lie ahead of me. But here I am, a proud KEMer, full of LOVE.

It was HARD.

The whole process was hard. Meeting new people, mingling with them, to think that I’ve always been an introvert was one of the hardest task to do. I don’t talk a lot but KEM taught me to talk for myself, to catch the attention of people, to make them listen, to let them know me more. Even more than this, having people who seem to dismiss you for a reason which you weren’t aware of before was worse. However, they do have a purpose in doing so, the MemComs are there to teach us something, the hard way sometimes, but all the hard work should really pay off.

It was TIRING.

The challenges we faced was tiring. Having to spend 5 hours or more of your week to tambay was utterly a waste of time… That is in the view of people who knew nothing of what lies behind Pasaway. Spending time with people who will soon be a part of your life is never a waste of time, that is why no matter how tiring talking and talking to all the people you meet in the domicile is, it is still something I’ll never regret for it was a venue that allowed me to meet new people.


The whole experience blew my mind away for it made me do things I never knew I would do and things I never knew I could do. It made me figure things are better under pressure. It made me see a lot of things about me that I never have seen. This family is like chest full of treasures that can surprise you with things and people that can bring out the best in you.


After all the things that it made us do, it was fulfilling to know that I’ve been through it, I passed the whole process and I did all these with my 12A family. I feel fulfilled for I know that in one way or another, I shared my life with awesome friends that I would have never met if it weren’t for my venture in KEM. Being a member of our organization (I’m still getting the hang of saying our) is one of the greatest things that has happened in my college life.

It was WORTH IT.

No matter how hard, tiring and depressing the things we’ve been through before was, it was all worth it. Thank you to my new found love KEM to my true love 12A. I know this sounds like I’m clingy, but hey, I really am 🙂

The ride with you guys was all worth it, let’s hunt together like Raptors do and stay on top. Rawr!

From me with love ❤

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