“One liners.”

I’ve been able to get through a day talking to someone with just one liners as a reply. It made me feel sick. Or maybe I really am just sick. I don’t know. After the longest week of my life, I still haven’t given up to the calling of my bed, I still am here writing my heart out… Having no sense of direction in this post.

Maybe words aren’t enough to tell you how I feel. I am tired. I am happy. Yet I am sad.

I am a human being, I guess. I am not satisfied with what I have. But I don’t want to ask for more, yet something is pushing me to do so.

I am feeling like a load was placed into my heart. That feeling when you know you’re in a nightmare, when you want to move but you can’t? And you end up waking up, yet you wish it all ended there.

I am confused. There are some things I can’t fully decide about. At least not this time, yet I know where I want things to go.

I don’t want to end this post, yet I don’t know how else I’ll be able to write what words can not describe.



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