I’m a Shipwreck, Salvage Me.

When you sail in the ocean called life. You’ll meet storms after storms that might take your ship down.

I’ve been sailing… And it has been a tough ride. The storms sure have taken me down. Now I am a wreck in the middle of the deserted blue waters of my own tears.

For the past days, it has been crazy tiring. Just when I thought I’d reach the shore to rest my used up ship. Rock formations hindered my descent to a calm and peaceful place. The waves started growing and went pounding the sides of my dwelling. The rain came and poured its graces on me and as the wind blew by, it left me shivering from the biting cold of being alone.

Stronger, the storm struck lightning to my dying ship. I believed it would send life but instead it slowly if not blitzkrieg-ly killed me. I couldn’t have cursed false hopes of surviving more than I’ve already done. Now I’m completely dismantled.

I threw the anchor away, so as to keep my ground. However, I only seemed to throw an important part of me, that I couldn’t take back for its way too late to turn back.

I am slowly fading. Sinking in the depths of my own tears.

I am a shipwreck.

Somebody salvage me.



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