The Little Things

The little things you do to me
are taking me over…

Naalala ko ‘tong kanta habang nagmumuni sa loob ng simbahan kagabi. There, I encountered a saint, St. Therese of Lisieux. Bata pa sya nung mamatay and with that she lived a short life. But despite her short lived life, she manage to become holy.

Not that I want to be holy or something. I want to follow his words, yes but I know for a fact that of all the sins I’ve committed, I’m far from being a saint. Going back to St. Therese, she was known for the simple things she did in her life time that made big differences. Although most of them were so small that not everyone notices it, she continued in her pursuit of being holy.

A reminder that it is the small things that keeps God's Kingdom growing.

A reminder that it is the small things that keeps God’s Kingdom growing.

This is where I learned my lesson. No matter how big of small the things we do for God, he will still see them equally in his eyes. Hindi man tayo nagsisimba every week, the fact that we believe in him is enough to keep us living under his grace.

Sabi nila end of the world na raw ngayon. Kahapon while I was inches close to a relic of a saint, I felt relieved that if indeed it was the end of the world the following day, I may not be saved I know that that smallest deed of coming to St. Therese remain despite the number of her devotees is enough to let God know that I am one of his child.

Hindi importante kung gaano kalaki o kabigat ang mga bagay na gagawin natin sa buong buhay natin. Ang higit na mahalaga ay ang katotohanang may ginagawa tayo para maging makabuluhan ang buhay na pinahiram niya sa atin.

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