What I Need and what I Want.

For the nth time now I’m writing about “needing” and “wanting“.

Often, they get interchanged and every now and then I get to see clearly how they are different.

Classes are about to start in just a few days. I’d more likely find myself arguing in my thoughts whether to buy a cup of sundae before going home or have some chocolate drink instead. Then again I’d ask myself. Do I really need to buy?

Actually I don’t, I just really want to quench my thirst if not the craving to eat or drink something cold…

Weird, I am weird. I know.

Well, now to get to my real point. This holiday season (which I never fully enjoyed) I wanted to do so many things. Acads, org, quilling, writing, cleaning my room up (not that it’s messy, but it’s not clean) and gaming, and a couple of other things. But my body won’t let me. Cough followed by colds, sneezing and teary-eyed-ness stopped me from doing what I like doing in full blast. Even more sickness prevented me from eating ice creams and salads from the holiday feasts.

I’d often get what I want, that’s what my mom told me recently. But then on top of all those things is the one thing I badly need:


And yeah, I’m happy taking a break from wanting. Maybe this new year I’ll focus more on the things I need. Probably, I’ll cut down on sundaes too and continue with my water therapy.

Ok maybe this post is pointless, just like how useless I think I am because of today’s event. But to sum it all up, sometimes we really need to think hard and think further whether we do need something or simply want them. Cause there is really a huge discrepancy.

So I was ready to leave early this morning, and almost lost consciousness as I was walking down the stairs. I settled and made a few text; telling I couldn’t make it. Useless.”



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