Hi, I recognize the fact that you like volley over basket. And it’s neither of the two sports fault that you have an inclination for one and the other, you don’t like. I also see equal efforts from both parties to advertise and commercialize their events so I don’t think that ranting over the internet about how basketball sucks is fair to those who actually love the sport. I personally think that both volleyball and basketball are great recreational activities and I respect anyone who is more into one or the other.

Also, I must ensist the fact that the players of both sports do not bash each other with foul words like you have done for so many times; in fact that I believe would not happen they all are sportsmen and women, they should be sport enough to give each other respect.

And if you come to think of it, most athletes are great at not one but many sports activities, you’ll never know you’re already hurting your volleyball superstar, who happens to love basketball because of the rude words you post.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong to express your feelings, I’m just saying that you have to think about them first before bringing them out in the open.

Life is only fair to those who thinks life is fair. So if you want life and the people around you to be fair; and want them to respect you for who you are and what your principles are, show them and their idealism the respect they deserve.

Coming from a fan of basketball and volleyball who is sick (literally) about your screwed up rant.

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