Good, Better, Best


Sometimes when we aren’t feeling well, some thing is wrong, things aren’t good. Whenever we’ve been through sickness we don’t usually say “I’m good,” more often we use the term “I’m feeling better.”


I know for a fact that good is never better than “better” but I do think that sometimes “better” is better than best.


Confusing? I know. But think of it this way, when someone is the known to be the “best” he doesn’t seem to need improvement since he is at the top anyways… So for someone who is, well, below him, there’s no other room for growth but to be better.


Even better than the best person.


Making any sense? I don’t think I have, even Microsoft Office Word® considers my last statement worthy of revision. But, yeah, I just want to make a point that sometimes, when we really don’t feel well, it’s the best to say that you’re better. And that we don’t need to be the best, as long as we get better every time.



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