Seven letters.
Seven words.
Seven things.
Seven minutes.
Seven days.
Seven years.
Seven friends.

Seven points.

Seven LETTERS. I was lucky to have a name, so simple yet so meaningful…


It was the name my grandfather gave me, for the reason that he wanted our (his grandchildren) names to start with the letter “R” and that he was really fond of Alexander the Great. You see, my name was derived from Roxana, Alexander’s wife… The name he has given me, in one way or another define who I am. Not only because it is what other people use to call me, but also because, its meaning seems to tell the world what kind of person I may be…

Seven WORDS. I have heard it a couple of times, but now I finally and whole heartedly believe:

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

It is indeed amazing that despite all the trials, all the hardships, we manage to stay strong. We fight through, to the end. Most of the time, we tend to give things up… The feeling of anger, depression, regret and all the stress; it’s really something that might take our breaths away, although not in a very good way… But as long as we continue on what we are doing, and try to do the best of our efforts, it will always pay off. Besides, He won’t put us in anything for no reason at all, He may hurt us, but that is how He want us to learn our lessons…

The hard way. When we’ve already gone very low, there is no other way but up right? And when we’ve been very weak, He would always be there for us, making us stronger and stronger with every failure that we may incur…

Seven THINGS. If I were very materialistic type of a person, I would be thankful for the seven new things God has given me… Either He gave it to me unexpectedly, or He allowed me to save up for it. You see, He is generous, he can give us things we don’t really expect. Sometimes, we may also think that we don’t deserve these things. But God has a plan for all of us. He has very well picked which things to give us from the moment we were born and to ask for something more and not get them doesn’t mean that it is not for us. Maybe, He is just waiting for the perfect time to give it to us. Miley may sing about the seven things she hates and loves about her guy… But I can talk about the seven things whyI love God… And even more… But that is another story.

Seven MINUTES. What could be done for a dying exam in seven minutes? When all else fails, when you don’t have anything to hold on to… Seven minutes is enough for a prayer. A prayer for a miracle. Yes, it is true that we only pray when in desperate need for His help (well not most of us atleast). But it is only now that I realize that praying is not just an event when you kneel down inside the church and chant your prayers… It is done, or should be done every minute of our lives, we should always pray with our hearts. My heart prayed for seven minutes…

Seven DAYS ago, I had a dream. I was told by one of my instructors, I have seven minutes to sort things out, to pass the course. It was heartbreaking. I asked myself what could be done in just seven minutes… And today… The question was answered. True enough:

A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep.

I badly needed that miracle. And it is true that miracles come true. And that dreams really do come true. :’))

Seven YEARS agowhat happened then was a blur in my memory. And then, I found one of my old classmates in UP. Small world. After how many years, seeing her in the wide grounds of UP when I never see her within our community is astonishingly amazing. Today was really amazing and He will never seize to amaze me I believe…

For the years to come, I know He will not let me forget about my friends anymore.

Seven FRIENDS. I have previously said that I have a bunch of best friends. And I forgot to mention that I have a bigger set of friends. My friends who are like blood. I may not always see them…

But they always come out whenever I’m wounded.

I may not be the perfect friend, but to you guys, the seven of us who cried or almost cried today and yesterday… We’ll keep pushing. Together.. :))

Now seven really is my lucky number. The seven POINTS I’ve mentioned represent the seven points I needed to pass the subject called life. I know I’m nowhere half ( or maybe I am already at the half of mine) of my life, but everyday is a new breath of life and surviving each day is surviving life. I know this may seem shallow but I simply have to give Him credit for everything He has given me. And for whatever He has to offer me in the years to come.

Thank you lord, when Peter asked you how many times he has to forgive his brother who has sinned against him for several times, you answered until the seventh seventy. We all are sinners but you continue to forgive and love us. I am overwhelmed now that everything that transpired today has reached my brain. I feel really blessed. To you I raise my praise and pray for the success of all my friends who are seeking your help right now.

I love Jesus is an understatement, and His love for us is unimaginable.

To God be the Glory.


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