Just a Thought

I was sitting in an empty room. My room. Thinking I was always alone, invisible… but there’s this one person, one girl who will always see me through…

I was once with a friend, I asked him, “what inspires you?”

He need not think for a second and he replied, “what inspires me? You.”

For a second we smiled and he continued that in this life, there are a thousand even a million things to be our inspiration…

I was once in a very sad situation, sad to the point of crying. Crying alone, in bed, and crying silently. It helps you heal when you cry, they say. So I sometimes cry until crying is more painful than the pain…

I am but a simple girl. No one told me I was beautiful. But through it all, I was never alone. I never lacked inspiration, I was never crying alone…

I have the best inspiration in this world. She may not seem like it, not even any hero to me and my brothers. But if she is anything I would want her to be, that’s no other than what she has been to us for years now…

Our MOM.

I will not say cheessy things about her, we never were cheessy. But my mom to me is really the best. She saw me through all my pain. She knows them, and only she knows them. She was my handkerchief not because she wipes my tears away, not even because she lets me cry to her. But because she stops me from crying. For I never want her to see my pain…

She has been strong for all of us, and crying is a blunt way of showing my weakness and I don’t want her to see that.

I can’t write anything more, words have always been insufficient for me when talking about anything I truly love.

So to finish this up, I just want to greet you Ma, a very Happy Mother’s Day.

I know sobrang kulit namin and hindi ko matatapatan yung regalo ni kuya Huhu. But it’s the thought that counts anyways 🙂

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