Nothing comes to mind.

I have been searching, and through the days, I’ve found it.

Yes, I have been searching for something to write about. Simply because I think my blog has been pretty empty lately… I did not post about my previous heartache. Yes, that late April stage was really painful. I chose not to write about it because, I want it to stay there. And not be able to go back there.

I did not write about the recent accident I got myself into. How would I write about it anyways, it has to do something with my hands.. So yeah, but I really enjoyed that experience. šŸ™‚

I did not write about this latest, what should I call it? Prank? Well, I don’t blame myself nor the person involved. Maybe the breast cancer awareness shiz should be given credit for this non-hating-feeling (if there exist such a word) I am having.

I did not write about anything, because I don’t want to and I am not in a writing, expressive mood. But now, I am writing about nothing.

Weird as it is, I had this status on a social networking site, that I want to write but nothing comes to my stupid mind. So I decided to sleep. šŸ˜€ For four long hours, I was just asleep, hoping for a dream that would inspire me. To my surprise, nothing popped out.

Then, I grabbed a book. It turned out to be a book for quotations, and american proverbs. (Yes, I have that at home.) I scanned through it. Smiled at the nice words of wisdom and stumbled upon this…

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep. Because the reality is better than dreams.

Am I in love? No. But I think and believe that I am happy. šŸ™‚

I have previously written about dreams being the desires of our hearts and proved that it is true. So it only makes sense to conclude that not dreaming about anything means, I am contented with my life. šŸ™‚

Also, I have back tracked my previous post, they are either, my rants, my heartaches, my wishes and they all made me realize that I have nothing to write about because, I can not wish for anything more because what I have now is all that I need. No more no less.

Happiness. šŸ™‚

Random Nonsense ~


Oh Dakota, are you in love with me too?Ā ā™Ŗā™«

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