Awe :)

Just the wonder of what tags can do. ❤

I have been posting my blog posts in the past without actually considering which tags to tag them with… Until recently I actually spent time thinking about tagging them properly.

Then again, talking about tags, my STFAP bracket has not been tagged properly like most students in UP. Being tagged with a higher bracket assignment means so much to all our isko and iska (scholars). It can mean the end of their education because of the incapability to pay the tuition fee assigned to that bracket. However, rumor has it that it was just a default tag. Well, let’s just hope that it is indeed default tag, because I must say; my current bracket tag would mean we’d (together with my brother) would need to file for a loan again.

Oh well. I’m still in awe with the wonders of tags. So yeah. 🙂


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