Greetings From

I might be short of time so, this album should do 🙂


To the one person who introduced me to such amazing music,

~♬ ℋα℘℘y ℋα℘℘y ℬIℜTℋDÅY♬ ~


By the time she opens up her eyes
She sings to me at night
She’s singing
Badabupbupbudupbubububada ♫♪

Wala akong maisip na i-quote hahaha. Pero LSS talaga ako sa kanta. A Rocket to the Moon sings to me at night na rin dahil sa infuence mo sa music library ko :)) Hahaha.

Fear of Flying

Take me back to the person I used to be
When you were there for me
I know it seems like forever but do me a favor please
Way back when we were stupid
Held grudges just to help us sleep
Oh my God, how ridiculous were we? ♫♪

This, reminds me of of a dark era in our friendship 😛 Okay, Enough said. And your fear of heights? Whut meron ba nun, imbento ko lang ata. Oh well papel. Haha.

If Only They Knew

Talk to me, I’m torn
I could get lost in a voice like yours
Tell me if I’m wrong or right
Tell me I could stay tonight ♫♪

Eh kasi lagi mong sinasabing pangit boses mo. 😛 And laging nirereason out ang puberty. Huhu lilipas din yan. (Hopefully?) 🙂

I’m Not Saying Goodbye

You’re not looking yourself today,
I can see it in the way that your hands shake ♫♪

This, when Hannah, you and I were talking that day. Hahaha. 🙂

Just Another One


Maganda yung tugtog pero haha, waley. XD
But this post is just another one of those random gifts I cram. Huhu, but but. This I think is worse than the last haha. Sarreh. I would have done more kaso wala na sila sa album na Greetings From… It would deplete the purpose haha jk :)) Enjoy your day.

Happy Birthday nalang Isaac! 😀


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