You’re Not Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

” Once upon a time there lived a king and queen who were very unhappy because they had no children. But at last a little daughter was born, and their sorrow was turned to joy. All the bells in the land were rung to tell the glad tidings. The king gave a christening feast so grand that the like of it had never been known and invited all the fairies he could find in the kingdom. Seven of them came as godmothers. 

Before the feast started, there came into the hall a very old fairy who had not been invited. She had left the kingdom fifty years before and had not been seen or heard of until this day. The king at once ordered that a plate should be brought for her, but he could not furnish a gold one such as the others had. This made the old fairy angry, and she sat there muttering to herself.

A young fairy who sat near overheard her angry threats. This good godmother, fearing the old fairy might give the child an unlucky gift, hid herself behind a curtain. She did this because she wished to speak last and perhaps be able to change the old fairy’s gift.

At the end of the feast, the fairies gave the following gifts:

First Fairy: “The princess shall be the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Second Fairy: “She shall have a temper as sweet as an angel.”

Third Fairy: “She shall have a wonderful grace in all she does or says.”

Fourth Fairy: “She shall sing like a nightingale.”

Fifth Fairy: “She shall dance like a flower in the wind.”

Sixth Fairy: “She shall play such music as was never heard on earth.”

Then the old fairy’s turn came. Shaking her head spitefully, she said,

“When the princess is seventeen years old, she shall prick her finger with a spindle, and-she-shall-die!”

At this all the guests trembled, and many of them began to weep. The king and queen wept loudest of all.

Just then the wise young fairy came from behind the curtain and said: “Do not grieve, O King and Queen. Your daughter shall not die. I cannot undo what my elder sister has done; the princess shall indeed prick her finger with the spindle, but she shall not die. She shall fall into sleep that will last a hundred years. At the end of that time, a king’s son will find her and awaken her.”


Are we going to talk about Sleeping Beauty? Obviously not, as the title suggests 🙂 However, I really have forgotten about the story, so I needed to research about it first before actually writing anything. So here it goes, I was fixing my bed last night… Preparing it and myself for my journey into the wilderness of sleep and dreams… I picked up my pillows and tried dusting it out. After gaining satisfaction out of punching the pillow, I placed it safely on my bed. And to my surprise, as I smoothed its surface a needle pricked me

I saw my blood, red as it should be. Thick like it should be… And I wondered, should I have fallen asleep? And I laughed at myself for the thought… I am not Sleeping Beauty, that’s one thing. And because of that, I shouldn’t fall asleep. In fact after the incident; I actually  felt more awake. I mean, who wouldn’t? Pain is always keeping us awake, even alive. (If you know what I mean) 😀

So much for being unrealistic of these old fairy tales. Or maybe, so much for time, having so much effect on the “true” story of these fairy tales. Well, there’s always a reason for everything right? Then maybe, these alterations were done, for the better. But who knows? Maybe they were results of poor judgement that all of us human beings possess.

And to finish this properly, (I guess) the small things that happened in fairy tales, that might happen to us in real life does not necessarily mean that we are living a fairy tale life. Actually, it never did suggest that it is that way. To me, these events which I have learned in school years ago; were taught to us when our minds were like sponges, absorbing everything, believing them to be real, so that when we grow up, and are able to analyze more, we get to see and compare the difference between dreams, imagination, and reality. In that way, we learn to dream, imagine and live in the reality where we exists. 🙂

Have a good year ahead! ♥


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