Just Once

If there is one wish I would utter today, or in the days to come… it would be my desire to be me.

It is not like I’m not who I am now, but it’s about how I’m not acting who I am. Or perhaps, I’m acting like somebody else

Too emotional? Again?

Well maybe, but then again, maybe that’s just really me… Every time that I am like this, I’d be asked. Why? What happened? Where is the Roxanne that is this and that?

And I ask myself every now and then, don’t I have the right to be like that?

All I ask is for me to see myself. And let other people see that side of me, even just once. Even for a moment…

And be accepted. We all have our own pains. And I am not asking for sympathy… I’m not even asking people to notice me, ignore me; just let me be… I guess I just want to really express my very own feelings.

Slightly amusing, very confusing… Introducing me…

This is a story of a few words… Cause great stories aren’t told with the greatest words… It is in the silences between these words that a story is truly written…

Secrets are out.

One down.


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