Celebrating Another Year

Two years ago on this very date, I was a shy, quiet and quirky kind of girl. I created my blog site out of a requirement in my English 1 class in the University. Back then I was writing to satisfy the course requirement.

Two years later, I still have my blog. It has been here for me through the years. It has been two years and I am happy to have kept it. I remember telling a close friend of mine how, this space in the virtual world has provided me a diary I could call my own, and now, this diary of mine has grown a year older.

I could only thank my professor who introduced me to blogging for he has helped me in one way or another to grow. Now, I am no longer the shy, quiet and quirky girl in school. I am now proud of how I express my thoughts and myself. I am now bold enough to let my voice be heard, but I still am weird enough to vent out my emotions on a public space. And, if before I only write to satisfy my course’s requirement, I now write to satisfy myself. My need for self expression.

Yes, this is another “diary entry,” and I would never get tired of voicing my thoughts out to the Diary of me.

That is a link to one of Taylor Swift’s unreleased songs, The Diary of Me. It’s a really nice song so check it out. 🙂

Happy Anniversary to us gabyxannshadows! Cheers to more years of writing!


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