Something to Smile About.

Your heart naturally lurches when you hear the voice of your secret lover in an unexpected place, but the same thing happens even when you hear someone else talking about him.

I was spending much time on one of our assigned readings in CW 10 than reading about Math and I stumbled upon this statement. It is an excerpt from The Pillow Book; and I found it rather interesting because, I know someone who would react in that very manner. 🙂

It’s a nice way to end a day, reading something this light, but so true. I mean , let us admit it, once or twice in our lives this scenario have happened to us. That sudden lurching of the heart when our crushes speaks, arrives or even just when he/she is being talked about. And it’s a nice feeling.

Because that lurching means something… It literally means that you’re alive and your heart is filled with love. 😉

Happy July!


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