I have almost forgotten how you looked like and how we used to talk. Almost.

But you see, I haven’t. Because we were friends even before  things got corrupted and screwed up and all that. And friends don’t always forget things, in fact they should have kept most things about their friendship. But friends hurt too and in turn, they too should need space and time and peace of mind, to heal whatever wound they might have had in the past or with you perhaps?

I almost messaged this to you, but I won’t cause I think it’s unnecessary and it’s going to be against my will and principle. Friendships I think shouldn’t have been like that. That’s why I don’t understand you. Because you shifted in the wrong direction.

Mind you I’ve forgiven you, but like what one of my friends once told me when things between us got twisted

It’s easy to forgive, but it’s hard to forget.

and I’m not the type of person who forgets things, I learn from them and perhaps, unconsciously store them in the back pocket of my mind just to be able to remind myself, whenever necessary that that is not and never would be right.

I almost discarded this draft because it’s irrelevant, but ideas shouldn’t be kept… Unleashing my weird ideas won’t hurt anyone except my privacy. Haha. Well anyway, Have a good long weekend fellas!


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