XAN 955

I have a valid reason for putting that ^ for my title, but, that’s for later.

I will have to excuse myself first for not being able to write for my journal entries. Going home really late, and badly tired for four consecutive days already is a good enough reason for me to sleep as soon as I land on my bed.

The past few days were all dedicated to my one true love, The University of the Philippines Chemical Engineering Society Inc., it’s four NATIONAL events, and its 59th Anniversary.

I may not have wrote about them the day they happened, but I keep them close to my heart.


It was a day of surprises. It was the first day of the week, the only school-day of the week too. I wasn’t really expecting that there’ll be a class then, actually I was hoping there’d be none, but it turns out that that day was going to be really busy for the love I have found. After all my classes that day, piles of work came tumbling down my way. Shirts, loot bags, IDs choir, what else… a lot more. It was tiring but really worth it. Helping out people you love and loves their work just as much would always be fulfilling.


First day of our national event. NaChES was on its way to success. (NaChES is a symposium dedicated for chemical engineering students all over the country.) The weather was fine and there were more than 500 participants. Despite the rain the day before, prayers from everyone for good weather were answered and minor problems were faced. I would never forget the girl who walked passed us and turned to look back to us and ask where the nearest drugstore is. She was experiencing an allergic attack then, and it was really bad. The venue was secluded and it would take a long while to get to a drugstore, but it was a good thing that I am also a person with allergies and so, I offered her my medicine. Helping someone who is in greater need never felt that great. I hope she is fine now.


After NaChES, we got soaked by the rain on our way to one of my orgmate’s house. The rain Saturday night was terribly harsh. But for the love of KEM, we pushed the practice through. Sunday was ReGrant and SCENE’s day. Two of our four national events. (ReGrant is aimed to grant funding to the winning research presented by participants of the event while SCENE is a networking event aimed to give ChE students the opportunity to meet people from the industry and the corporate world they will face in the years to come.) In the said events we were asked to perform a song. We had our final practice last night and again, to my surprise, we were called five minutes before the start of the program for an almost impromptu performance of a doxology. Everything turned out well though. And later that night, the band performed. I guess, my debut performance as part of the band would have to wait to a later date. Haha! 🙂


That’s today a holiday. I saw two accidents on my way to UP. One, was somewhere near SM Fairview, a man was riding his motorcycle, his face covered in blood. Yes, he was still driving, I have got no idea if he was really okay to drive though… Then about 20 minutes after I saw another in Sandiganbayan; actually, I did not see it with my bare eyes for there were so many people crowding around the scene, but there was a SOCO team who seemed to be drawing things on the ground, so I assumed there was someone lying on the floor… dead probably… Anyway, I arrived at UP, it was drizzling, it was scenic and cold. I arrived just in time for Inter-U. Our last event is an inter-university quiz show for chemical engineering students. And once again, I turn to reminisce the first time I was part of this event, I was an applicant back then exactly a year ago, and now I am a member of this organization, a proud member that is. And once again, DLSU bagged the trophy and cash prize that came with their victory. (Congrats DLSU!)

And finally, the moment we were all waiting for. Sunday evening, I arrived home at about 11:55; five minutes left till midnight. Five minutes till my love turns 59. UP KEM celebrates its 59th year of foundation. I once again stand in the middle of my second family, my home away from home, my one true love. It’s only been a year since I met you, but I know, I’ll love you forever. You’ve even made me do hashtags when I would normally don’t… But I would all for you. ❤

Happy Happy LIXth birthday UP KEM. Cheers to every KEMer!


XAN 955 was the plate number I saw on my way home… I am actually spending the time looking at plate numbers on my way to and from school, hoping to find plate numbers with XAN. Haha, figure out why.

All in all the long weekend was tiring and fulfilling at the same time. So many feelings, I can’t put them to words properly. 🙂

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