Fake Birthday

Today is September 7. My thighs are aching after two straight days of jogging. (Yes, I ain’t used to it.)  All I want to do is rest, lay in bed and sleep…

Exactly a year ago, my thighs were aching, I want to rest and I had the rest of my day to rest as the weekend allowed me too.

History repeating itself. I celebrate one year of my HAM birth. 🙂

For everyone who did not greet me, you have proven something, passed a test of friendship. And for those who even bothered doubting, yes I appreciate it even more…

Nonetheless, thanks for everyone who took the time and effort to greet me. I am assuming they were all under the impression that today is my real birthday. And I would also like to send you guys my utmost and sincere apology for the misleading Facebook info. I appreciate it all the same even if it is really not my birthday.

Again I’m sorry.

I never really posted my birthday in Facebook so yeah, that’s a clue. I’ll wait in vain for your greetings next year then? When my real birthday is?

Find out. 😉

I love you guys… :>


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