On The Job – I

Hey, a review it is?


Anyway, today was awfully tiring. For one, it was a “sabaw” MEx earlier this morning. My partner and I had a hard time figuring out what should be done to answer the problem, but in the end, we were able to do it. After that class was supposed t be my Art Stud 1 class but as my professor is not around town, my partner and I opted to stay in our organization’s tambayan. There, well, I fulfilled my duties with the distribution of the shirts, we ate lunch together and we basically just sat there…Talking. An hour and a half later we left and took a TOKI ride to our respective classes. That’s where we first parted ways for the day… </3 Just kidding.

During Physics class. We submitted a problem set and went on with a short discussion and my day ended. NOT. :)) After class we (myself and a few friends) got stranded in NIP because of the rain. It was pouring so hard that students who came from outside the building were soaking wet even though they have umbrellas.

It was actually just beginning. I went back to Melchor Hall and again did my duties. KEMers and our apps went to and fro. Again, the usual org stuff, talking, playing silly games, talking and discussing a few nerdy stuff, singing and all that… And then 3 o’clock ticked. I went to CAL to pick up my ticket from Angel. It was realy nice of her to buy us our ticket for On the job. And yeah, I went back to Eng’g. Right after going to CAL, my committee-mates went to jog around the acad oval again. We only did one round though, worrying basically of the health of one of our members. During the jog, we took a photo with Don Antonio dela Vega AKA Zorro of UP. It was for a challenge between committees which turned out to be over so the effort was none the less disregarded. Anyway, after jogging I took a rest and apps inside the tambayan increased in population. I just stayed there talking with some of them every once and a while and then 5:45 ticked.

My friends and I went to the Film Center. Ready to watch the film. Anticipating to see the movie. And we were there, watching the movie. Laughing every now and then.. This story I shall continue later. :)))


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