On the Job – II

Here goes my continuation, I just couldn’t finish it last night. I was just too tired.

And so here is my OTJ experience. We sat there inside the building waiting for the movie to begin. I was in the 6pm screening by the way. We got inside at around 7 and waited for more than thirty minutes for the film. A kind of program took place and tickets were given away. Technical problems came in and people were a little bored by them… And the movie was on.. I won’t tell the stories plot, it is for everyone to watch and find out. 😉

I was never really fond of action, thrillers but this was definitely worth the watch. The film was action-filled. It had a plot-line that not everyone would expect from a Filipino movie. It showcased verisimilitude and just caught most of the viewers in awe. It has every bit of humour, love, sex, drugs, corruption, truth, action, family and ugh name it, I think it’s there. :))) I am not a good film critic, but it sure deserve the overwhelming appreciation it gets from outside of the country. And yes, I do hope that Filipinos find the time to watch it and appreciate this wonderful work of art.

It really is a must watch! 🙂


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