I Don’t Know

I don’t know exactly what to feel… What to think of…

Maybe you’re right, that I should just stop thinking. But then again, how can I when everybody around me seem to care for you, that they always talk about you…

Isn’t that ironic when all I ever hear you say is that nobody cared for you? That no one picks you up? Well maybe, you should try picking yourself up first, and ask us for help when you really can’t get up on your own?

Maybe we really don’t know you… Maybe we do.. Maybe not… Or maybe you don’t know just as well. How can people understand you when you yourself don’t understand what’s going on?

So what’s really going on?

I don’t know. It’s your business. It’s your problem… So I really don’t know why I’m actually bothered… Isn’t it funny, talking about something you don’t even know…

Well maybe, I can say I’ve been there, but I did not do that I don’t mean to write this to get you angry again. I don’t even mean for you to read this… I just think it’s quite timely for you to feel that way when I’m going through the same thing.

It’s like I’m writing more about what I’m feelingNot what I think you are feeling… I’m not even happy about the coincidence… Who would be? It’s an awful feeling…

You be the judge, we respect you in every way possible. But we all have to grow up…

We aren’t getting any younger…

And the clocks aren’t going to turn its hand around for us

I have got a lot more to say, but I can’t articulate all of them… If you’re reading this, I hope the silences are enough…


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