So Easy For Me to Say

The other day, some anonymous person told me that he or she or it, I don’t know exactly; LIKES me.

Creeped out and got myself worried. I don’t know why I was reacting that way to the statement, but I did. Perhaps its the anonymity. But even before that, I have put myself in a situation where in I kind of like confessed to someone that I like them. It was a weird thing to do and well an even WEIRDER feeling.

But I did, I told one of my friends that I did that, and she asked why? Why did I tell him that if things are asdfghjkl I don’t know how to describe it. 🙂 And I think, I did that because I am not afraid of rejection anymore. I mean, I was once a believer of what Oliver Barrett IV said.

I was afraid of being rejected, yes. I was also afraid of being accepted for the wrong reasons.

But now, I think I have learned that there is nothing wrong with being rejected, what is wrong is being someone else apart from yourself. 🙂

So anyway,  today, a friend of mine told me a story, let’s call her Miss Emo. Another unrequited love story. She was a friend to a guy, let’s call him The-guy. The-guy likes Miss Emo, but she doesn’t like him back. And when that moment came that The-guy told Miss Emo about his feelings… It was like watching their love story come to an end, when it hasn’t even started. Miss Emo was of course saddened because they are friends… And because she doesn’t like seeing The-guy in his current state.

Miss Emo right now is a person who was just like me and the guy I told my feelings to. She too, got herself a confession. A confession about how some other person likes her. But the feelings are just not mutual…

We look on the other side of the story and see three people, the anon person, myself and The-guy. All of whom showed a part of themselves that made them truly vulnerable and brave. They all told the respective person what they actually feel, but they all went through the same emotional rejection. I’m not sure if it’s proper to say but personally, they should have went through the same roller coaster ride of feelings I have been through.

And yet, here I am writing all of this down, am I not afraid that the guy I confessed to might read it? Actually I am not. Why would I be, I wasn’t even afraid when I told him, “Yes”.  I have been moving on, and its really getting somewhere. 🙂 And I think, no actually I believe that everyone I mentioned in this post is trying to move on. And its a good thing. They might be lagged by the pain and the havoc of feelings, but they’ll get ’round. Soon enough they will find themselves smiling about this, just like how they smiled at all their excavated Facebook posts. Soon all of these will just be stories that these people will all be talking about in the next times they sit next to each other. Because whatever happened the past few days should be left there but the friendship that was implanted deep in our hearts, should remain planted and should grow and not die with the trials we have faced.


You might say, I’m a big fat liar to easily say that they have moved on. Mind you, it’s not really easy to move on, I know so… 🙂 But it’s vital that they do. Life won’t stop just because your crush doesn’t like you back. :)))

And if that’s the case, see my previous post. HAHA! 😀

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