Here Goes Nothing

As promised, here is the details on how the mini-closet was made. :))


☑ Cardboards (cut according to your desired dimensions)

☑ Ruler

☑ A pair of scissors

☑ Glue

☑ Pencil and eraser

☑ Cutter

☑ Door Hinges and a screw driver

☑ Bobby pins and pliers

☑  Bamboo sticks

☑ Felt paper and your desired print


Measure out your cardboard using a pencil and a ruler, cut the cardboard with your desired dimensions using a cutter or scissors, but I prefer the cutter more since it doesn’t crumple the boards as much as a pair of scissors would. I would not bore you with the details of my cutting process so here’s the picture of the cardboard I used.


 The inner measurements depends on your preferences so I’ll let you do the math. But the small ones here are for the racks on one side of the base and the rest are for the frames. These will fit okay but I prefer making another set of frame slightly wider than the inner frame to compensate for the thickness of the cardboard. Also make another cardboard about the size of one half of the base or slightly larger, later we’ll use it as a door.

Once you’re done cutting the boards, you can leave them as is or cover them with felt paper to give it a cleaner look and feel.

Felt Paper Covered Cardboard

So at this point you can actually see how the end product would look like so, lets move on a bit. We take the right frame and bore holes in it using screws and a screw driver. This is where we will attach the door hinges.

Door hinges

At this point you will see two holes on the surface of the board. That is where the bamboo sticks go into to serve as a hanger once we’ve put everything together. Make sure to bore two holes parallel to these on the center divider. 🙂


Now, we glue everything together. I am using wood glue with my works, you handle it like a regular school glue but it is so much more sturdy, but I have to admit I miss the wonders of Greco. 🙂

Oooh like a puzzle

So there, we now attach the pre-made door that I chose to cover with some red felt paper and the print I wanted this box to be in. We do this again by boring holes in it and attaching the remaining hinges.

Boring the door

Lastly, we cover the remaining surface of the frames with the desired pattern and voila, we’re done. You could add a few bobby pins which you shaped into hangers using pliers in the hanger area.

A very fun thing to do and a very useful output too! You can put your accessories in it or just about anything. HAHA! Anyway, have a happy new year ahead! ♥


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