Nope, this is not Taylor Swift’s song. It’s just a number. From the number game. I’m not really into this but here goes. Pardon the Filipino. 🙂

Ikaw yung transferee nung grade school. Tapos baby face ka nuon. Di tulad ngayon 😛 :)) Sa tagal na kitang kilala, parang never tayong naging close. Better yet, lagi tayong magka-away. Aso’t pusa ika nga nila. Pero you’re one of the few people nung elementary na nagustuhan ko. Weird as it is, but that’s true. Pero syempre tumatanda ang tao and feelings go. 🙂 I could say you’re one of my good friends until now, sabihin mo na lang if mali ako. HAHA!

Anyway I still hate you for being rude. :)) Stay what you are though, and thanks for listening kahapon. It’s a secret so please sana walang ibang makaalam. HAHA :)))

PS may crush din ako sa kuya mo dati. HAHAHA 😀


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