23 Ways You Know Your New Friend Is A Friend For Life

Thought Catalog

1. The first time you went to brunch or dinner together as just the two of you, you paused in the middle of the conversation, looked at each other, and realized it felt like this was the 700th time you’ve ever hung out together.

2. You see something while out and about and immediately feel compelled to share it with them.

3. You constantly wonder if maybe this friendship is bordering on creepy-stalker-obsession, but they admit out of the blue to feeling the same way, too, and thusly mitigate all of your fears of “coming on too strong.”

4. You go to their Twitter or Instagram profile to catch up on their life, instead of always relying to see them in your feed. What if you miss something pivotal?!

5. The first time you met, you hugged hello and goodbye, without even having to explain that “you’re a hugger.” It…

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