The 8 Friends We Have In Our Early 20s

The friend who takes too much… Either this is who I am to my friends or I haven’t really seen one like him. :))

Thought Catalog

1. The party friend

This person is absolutely batshit, known for peeing in public, and getting into, but more impressively out of, the most absurd situations. You don’t necessarily have any type of deep emotional relationship with them, but whenever you need to have a good time that you probably won’t remember, this person is your go to. They always know the hottest spots, have all sorts of connections, and they’re constantly trying to convert you, so you always have a standing invite to join. If you get broken up with on a Monday night, this is the person who is going to know about the one hopping place on a Tuesday and get the bartender to give you free drinks all night to cheer you up.

2. The platonic friend of the opposite sex

Since the day you two met, people have been asking will they/won’t they? You both…

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