The Fortune Cookie

I had dinner with two of my friends last night. No, actually they had dinner, I just had ”halo-halo”. Anyway, It was a Chinese restaurant/food chain, and it offered its customers fortune cookies for a chance to win prizes and well get their fortune “told”.

My friend opened the cookie and it read (Non-verbatim):

Dont be too anxious of making a decision, tomorrow is a surprise.

I told both of them that, perhaps that one was for me, because, I wasn’t supposed to be sitting with them that time; I was home-bound, but I decided to go with them anyway… And from then on, I hold on to the thought that, today would really be a surprise.

I wasn’t wrong. Had cake for breakfast, ate carbonara, and had beef for lunch with friends, enjoyed three J.Co doughnuts, Lab went well, I wasn’t late for any of my classes, the oral exam went fine and everything just fell into the right places. I saw my niece again, and I must admit I missed her so bad after n-days of not seeing her. And to add icing on the cake of blessings I had today, I got a nomination for a blogging award. Thanks to Shelly for her kindness. ♥ I will be writing soon, I’ll just have to get through all the requirements in the University.

So my point in writing this, its simple really… Just wake up everyday with a smile on your face, yesterday may not have been as good as you wanted it to be but that doesn’t guarantee that the day ahead would end as bad. Everyday is a new day to thank God and live by his will and to love the life he has given you and every single soul around you…

Send love to your friends, your family, your pets even the stranger you sit next to in your way home. The moment you are living right now as you are reading this is called present for a reason, and that is because it is a present, a gift from up above.



3 thoughts on “The Fortune Cookie

  1. glad it was a nice surprise for you, take your time, life comes first in all things. hope you are able to keep blogging while you study and i do love reading what you have to say, i find your writing very uplifting and inspirational. best wishes, shelley

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